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Thank you for visiting us. Below is an overview of what we currently offer.

Introductory Course. This is a total of 11 lessons. The lessons are once a week. This course focuses on basic conversation skill and also helps the student to learn reading and writing in Kabuverdianu using the ALUPEC as a basis. ( Read 'How we develop our programs for more information )

6 month Learning Program. This is a total of 12 lessons. The focus is on further developing conversational skills and reading comprehension. The lessons are every other week, 2 lessons a month.

Continuous Learning Program-Facebook Group. After completing the course our students are invited to continue learning via our private Facebook group. Weekly content and lesson material are posted and the students will be apart of a community of language learners.


Prior to lessons

You will receive access to all lesson material prior to class. Lesson material includes to following ...

Each lesson consists of language slides that are divided into days to help the students prepare for the lesson little by little. The language slides include audio recordings with visual aids to help improve language retention. The student will hear the words in Kabuverdianu followed by example sentences.

Story based on the lesson to help with reading and conversation skills. Each lesson includes a story with an audio recording so that the student can hear and practice reading. The student will also have questions based on the story that must be prepared prior to class. In the Conversation course the student will also have to review audio of conversation.

Homework assignments to help the students incorporate the language in their day to day activities. In addition to practicing reading the student may receive additional tasks to perform. All students are encouraged to use a language journal and to submit assignments prior to class for review by the instructor.


Lesson Format

50-60 min online session each week. The online sessions use the following format:
  1. Review/Introduction: Q&A and introduction to the lesson.
  2. Exercises: The exercises help to improve the students application of the vocabulary words in day to day activities.
  3. Language points: Further explanation on aspects of the language.
  4. Reading/Conversation: The assigned material is read or reviewed and the instructor checks for comprehension. This also helps the student to become comfortable with conversation through question and answer.
  5. Wrap up: Q&A and homework assignment.

*** All lessons are 1 on 1

Lessons are organized by subject focusing on core vocabulary words.



In addition to what we have mentioned , students will also receive complementary access to the items below.

Online Dictionary: online and searchable with audio and visual aids. New words are added monthly.

Online Database: additional articles that explain aspects of the language. In the database students can also find more stories for their reading enjoyment. Each story comes with an audio recording.

*** Students will have access to all the dictionary and database for up to 2 months after course completion. Afterwards students can opt in to our subscription service for continuous access and updates.

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