How we develop our programs

How we develop our programs

Why do we make our own content?

At Learn Kabuverdianu we understand the importance of helping students develop accuracy in speaking and writing. We do not pull from various social media posts and Youtube videos to provide language learning content. Many times the content on social media contains spelling errors and information not supported by documentation. Based on these observations we found it necessary to produce our own content that goes through a rigorous process before being presented to the public. This provides an environment here our students and followers on social media can be confident that the content they are receiving is accurate and up to date. We have produced over 300 videos and are adding more consistently. πŸŽ‰

We have a six part stress test that we have developed to assure accuracy in what we produce. This involves a combination of researching documentation, consulting with educators, locals and professionals from various fields in Cape Verde. You can see an overview of our process right belowπŸ‘‡πŸ½

At the publishing of this article we have produced over 300 videos.

How we make our content


Step One

Our team reviews core vocabulary and phrases that a learner needs to independently navigate in a given scenario. Possible questions and challenges that a learner may have in pronunciation and understanding of the rules are listed and added as part of the lessons.


Step Two

Research is conducted. This may involve documentation that has been published by Cape Verdean linguists or linguists in general. If no documentation addresses the matter then a hypothesis is made based on what the team has observed to be the pattern. Any hypothesis developed or documentation that is researched is then field tested.


Step Three

Field test! Our team in Cape Verde will spend weeks and at times months taking note of observations they have in day to day normal communication to avoid 'Observers Paradox'. We try to seek people from various backgrounds from those who have a University education to those who have a basic education to get a general feel for a word or phrases use. If it passes the field test then it moves onto step 4.

Field Testing is important

Step Four

The Language instructors then test the new information with a few students. Many times this may be a free or discounted lesson where we present the material. Notes are taken by our instructors which are then reviewed again by our team.


Step Five

The team reviews any more adjustments needed as well as the students reaction to the material. The team decides how best to present the material and associated exercises either through a video, chart, diagram or article. Once it passes this step then it moves on to the last and final step.


Step Six

The content is moved to our presentation team. This team begins to work on any videos or diagrams and will schedule voice recordings when needed. All content is produced in house and is copyright of Learn Kabuverdianu. After the content is prepared then it is reviewed again prior to release. So I guess technically that's seven steps.

Our course is based on research from renowned Cape Verdean linguists such as Manuel Veiga, Jürgen Lang and Nicolas Quint to name a few. We also study documentation on how linguists conduct their research. Needless to say we are a team of readers! 😁

We are proud to say that our professionalism and quality of content has attracted the attention of the National Library in Cape Verde, clients such as professionals in the Boston area and a contract teaching American staff of the U.S. Embassy in Cape Verde. We will continue to work hard in providing the best content in the language Kabuverdianu. If you interested in learning Kabuverdianu with us please click the link below to start your 1:1 lesson with one of our instructors.

Below are what some of our clients have said about their experience with Learn Kabuverdianu. πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸ½
One of the most knowledgeable courses you are probably ever going to get on kabuverdianu. It helps you understand the language and what to say but how to say it. Learned a lot had a lot of fun and had some great tools and surprises as well. - Kendall U.S.A
This is the most thorough and professional class for Kabuverdianu - U.S Embassy Personnel in Praia *
I was very pleased, once again, with the learning structure and the tools the team at Learn Kabuverdianu provided. I appreciated the thorough explanation we received on multiple language points that came up along the way. The class instructor was very patient and approachable, so I always felt comfortable asking questions. This class was just what I needed to continue my growth on this language journey! Obrigadu pa tudu! - Josh U.S.A

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