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Learn Kabuverdianu Bibliotéka! Stórias pa kriansas na Lingua Kabuverdianu , di grasa. Tudu stória ta ben ku gravason. Novu stórias tudu mês. Kria bu Kónta !


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One of the most knowledgeable courses you are probably ever going to get on kabuverdianu. It helps you understand the language and what to say but how to say it. Learned a lot had a lot of fun and had some great tools and surprises as well. - Kendall U.S.A

I was very pleased, once again, with the learning structure and the tools the team at Learn Kabuverdianu provided. I appreciated the thorough explanation we received on multiple language points that came up along the way. The class instructor was very patient and approachable, so I always felt comfortable asking questions. This class was just what I needed to continue my growth on this language journey! Obrigadu pa tudu! - Josh U.S.A

This is the most thorough and professional class for Kabuverdianu. - U.S Embassy Personnel in Praia, CV