Giving Back

Giving Back

Learn Kabuverdianu began as a hobby to share our language that is often underserved and misunderstood. While we notice that many people are willing to pay to be taught the language, we also wanted to find a way where our services could also benefit Cape Verdeans in Cabo Verde and the diaspora.

We decided that to do this we needed to create content accessible on major platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. In Cabo Verde when using the mobile browser on a phone to access Facebook there is no data charge. So we started to make content available on Facebook first.

Imagine a way where children could be entertained and educated in the language that touches them, in Kabuverdianu.

It was with this goal in mind that we doubled our efforts to use part of what is gained from our tutoring lessons to form a team to produce more content. This content would be free of charge to the general population. This would be in the form of Stories and Educational Videos.

$20.00 USD The average price of a children's book in Cabo Verde. ☹️


Every child deserves to have stories that inspire and touch them. We learn through stories! A story is a door that opens our mind to the world around us.

In the Cabo Verde Islands it is rare and difficult to find a storybook for kids translated in Kabuverdianu. The few that are available have an average cost of $20.00 USD. Needless to say, few families are able to spend that much on a storybook for kids. To address this need we began translating stories for kids and posting them on Facebook and Youtube.

The stories are carefully chosen to stimulate imagination, teach a lesson and inspire. For example our story 'Dansa, Mila' teaches the importance of hard work. Our story 'Kel Midjór Pintura ' teaches children that it's ok to be different and what we may think is a limitation can be an inspiration to others.

"Dansa, Mila" - A story of a young girl who worked hard to be a ballerina.
"Dansa, Mila" - A story of a young girl who worked hard to be a ballerina.
"Kel Midjór Pintura" -  A story that teaches children that it's ok to be different.
"Kel Midjór Pintura" - A story that teaches children that it's ok to be different.

The stories and videos are all translated and created by our team at Learn Kabuverdianu. Part of the money received from tutoring lessons is used to fund the video production and translation cost. These stories are available in digital format via our Web app . For more about our Printed Books and a special discount for schools and libraries click here.

Educational videos

After the start of the pandemic our team at Learn Kabuverdianu saw the need to produce more educational content in Kabuverdianu. Prior to creating the videos our team of educators research the subject and collaborate to present the information in a visually appealing and informative way.

All content is proofread and the script is created following the standards of the ALUPEC and the most up to date research in Kabuverdianu.

One of the first videos that was presented in this series is about the sun, entitled 'Sól | 101' . The text for all our videos will be available soon in our digital library.

Sól | 101
Sól | 101

All videos are produced by our team at Learn Kabuverdianu. We believe that by producing high quality content we can: 1) help to educate native speakers especially children and 2) provide content for people who are interested in learning Kabuverdianu.

By Learn Kabuverdianu